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Treats you love.

real ingredients you appreciate.

At Pearson’s, we make wicked-delicious candies with quality ingredients that are perfect for celebrating life’s little victories. There’s a treat for every triumph, like a sweet little fist-pump that powers you through your day. Enjoy!

A bit o’ real honey

With real honey and real almond bits, our classic
taffy treat is sweet
by nature.

Yup, it’s real peppermint

Each patty packs a silky, minty wallop, with an
enticing exterior made for dark chocolate lovers.

crunch into roasted peanuts

Our one and only peanut bar delivers a salty-sweet combo you won’t
experience anywhere else.

covered in real milk chocolate

Think you love the
chocolate-peanut crunch outside? Just wait ‘til you get to the nougat inside.

110+ years Cherished for generations yet so right for today

Our candies have been crafted with the same signature recipes since the early 1900s, making them treasured treats ideal for sharing. Make any moment a little sweeter with Pearson’s.

Got a candy question? CONTACT US