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What is the Dept. of FUNergy?



FUNergy. It’s fundamental to our quality of life. Without energy, there’s no momentum. Without fun, what’s the point? Our bodies need FUNergy for things like: closing deals, building bicycles, karate, and checking emails.

Unfortunately, due to high demand, widespread afternoon FUNergy outages have been reported in our community. We are currently engaged in multiple power restoration efforts. Stay tuned for updates as we recharge the community with the power of FUNergy.

A good source of FUNergy

This is the Pearson’s Salted Nut Roll, a miracle source of FUNergy so superior to other FUNergy sources in protein, taste and portability, it’s finding countless new uses.

Extracting natural Virginian peanut power from the earth and the fun of caramel and nougat, we fuse the two together through the magic of buttons and levers.