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Dept. of FUNergy + Twin Six


In pre-modern times, humanity’s primary source of FUNergy was not being eaten by a dinosaur. But times have changed. The dinosaurs are gone. And alternative means of FUNergy must be found.

The Department of FUNergy works hard to provide FUNergy through reliable sources—like the Pearson’s Salted Nut Roll and good times. Because when you’re hard at work designing alternative cycling apparel, your body needs all the FUNergy it can get.

We recently paid a visit to an unmarked warehouse filled with rows of jerseys, t-shirts, laptops, tattoos, and a passion for functional fashion.

They call themselves Twin Six. And they’ve discovered a way to make riding a bicycle fun!


“Our plan [was] to be the greatest lifestyle cycling brand ever. It seemed like an easy plan, a simple plan. And we were only going to have to work three months out of the year,” explained co-founder Brent Gale. Eleven years later, those “three months” have expanded into a year-round operation.


Ryan Carlson and Brent Gale were designers who loved to ride. But the industry had a habit of turning riders into unwilling moving billboards. So, the two set out to wear their hearts on their sleeves and everywhere else they could tastefully get away with, creating cycling apparel that they’d be proud to wear.



“We try to be as honest and intentional as possible,” Carlson told us. “[Our] designs reference a time when things were crafted and well thought out.”


All that crafting and thinking can really take its toll, so The Department of FUNergy made an afternoon call to Twin Six, giving their entire team a chance to recharge.

Roller races were won. Hammers were schlagged. Salted Nut Rolls were eaten. And through feats of cunning, skill and determination, a 5 lb. Salted Nut Roll found a new home.

The Department of FUNergy

Twin Six