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Dept. of FUNergy + 3M Championship


Three legends of golf attended the 3M Championship in Blaine, Minnesota this past weekend: Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Gary Player. Okay, four legends. Pearson’s legendary Salted Nut Roll also made the rounds with golfers and spectators alike.


The Department of FUNergy met the wandering spectators with buttons, stickers, bite-size Salted Nut Rolls and conversation. Mostly, about golf. And Salted Nut Rolls. And 3M.


But none could prepare for the merciless Wheel of Clubs, stationed at our Peanut-Powered Putt-Putt Challenge. One spin of the wheel and fate decides the rest: pool cue, plastic flamingo or something more sinister? The ticker stops. The club has been decided. And it’s gonna take a hole-in-one to take home a Salted Nut Roll foursome pack.


Yes, with the Department of FUNergy, everyone’s a winner at the 3M Championship! Only those who sink the putt, win a little more!