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Dept. of FUNergy + Loppet Foundation


People of the North are a curious crew. When the cold winds blow and the ice and snow threaten to sap the earth of all her strength, they join together and laugh in old man winter’s face.

While the Department of FUNergy generally does not condone laughing in anyone’s face, let alone the elderly, this case certainly warrants exception.


The Loppet Foundation’s annual Urban Cross-Country Ski Festival in Minneapolis brings active Minnesotans of all stripes outside to experience what little sunshine they can this time of year,



We were on hand to lend support at the Pearson’s Crew Ski Loppet, where teams of six on 25’ foot skis went head-to-head for a 25lbs. Pearson’s Salted Nut Roll.



 Consolation prizes were also awarded for bracket winners and the best-dressed crew.


Competitors came. They saw. They fell on their hindquarters. But who’s gonna let a little thing like gravity keep ‘em down?

United we ski! Together we fall!