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kidmittee Watch the making of our Halloween parade float designed by kids

halloween is a kid's holiday

So, when asked to design a parade float for the Halloween Capital of the World, we went to the experts—kids.


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31 1:00pm Main Street, Anoka, MN

here's the plan

Each kid made a detailed drawing of their ideal halloween parade float.

bringing details to life

We interviewed the children, combining the best ideas together into a single float.

“Humans! I feast on humans!”
-Henry, Age 9
“I did lots of labels so… you know what it is.”
-Brianna, Age 7
“They put candy in the tube and candy’s gonna, like, drop out… from the… um… tube.”
-Vincent, Age 9 (Soon to be 10)

a streetworthy vessel

All eyes were on the finished float. Mouths, too… once they’d been painted on.