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A History of Historical Stories

From the start, we’ve delivered the finest candy of the age to kids of every age. Learn our history and know why the future continues to follow the past!

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  • 1909
    Pearson Candy Company founded in Minneapolis
    P. Edward Pearson forms confectionary distribution firm with help from brothers Oscar F. and John Albert. But what about brothers Waldemar and C. Fritz? Can’t put one past you – soon, five brothers were distributing candy!
  • 1912
    Nut Goodie Bar Debuts
    One of our first manufactured products—a premium candy worth every bend of the nickel!
  • 1918
    The War Years
    Confectionary demand is great, but difficulty in acquiring sugar and chocolate is greater. Armistice couldn’t come soon enough.
  • 1927
    “We really made a candy this time!”
    The Pearson boys devote most of their time to manufacturing the Nut Goodie, doubling its popularity many times over.
  • 1933
    Salted Nut Roll debuts
    After P. Edward Pearson unexpectedly passes away, a new confection is born at the height of the Depression Era—perfectly poised for both palate and pocketbook.
  • 1934
    Salted Nut Roll renamed Choo Choo Bar
    Because of the Nut Roll’s runaway success, other manufacturers try to hop on the train. A new name is suggested to set us apart.
  • 1937
    Choo Choo Bar renamed Pearson’s Salted Nut Roll
    Customer confusion derails sales: why would anyone want to eat a locomotive? After much soul-searching, we remember that we’re running the show here—let’s just make the logo bigger!
  • 1950
    Pearson’s moves from Minneapolis to Saint Paul
    A capital move!
  • 1951
    Pearson’s purchases Trudeau Candy Company
    Outgrowing our ability to keep up with demand, we obtain a new facility and a few candies to boot—The Seven Up Bar and Mint Patties. Our flavor accountants say, “We’re in the black!”
  • 1959
    Pearson’s celebrates 50 years!
    And we move from downtown St. Paul to a new manufacturing plant on West Seventh Street that we’re still candy-businessing from today!
  • 1962
    Pearson’s buys Sperry Candy Company
    Can the modern mind comprehend a candy that eats like a meal? With names like “Chicken Dinner” Bar and “Denver Sandwich,” it better get started.
  • 1967
    Sperry sold to Schuler Chocolate Factory
    So long! We hardly knew these candies that were rumored to be some chocolaty-peanuty-what-not and certain to be delicious!
  • 1969
    Pearson family sells business to ITT/Continental Baking
    Of course, every grade school child knows this story, so we won’t bore you with the details.
  • 1979
    The Confections Group buys Pearson’s from ITT/Continental Baking
    Everything changes. Recipes are altered. Wrappers are redesigned. It’s a brave new confectionary world at the Pearson Candy Company!
  • 1979
    Seven Up Bar discontinued
    Over the years, the seven centers of this chocolaty challenge were made with a variety of fillings. Unfortunately, we parted ways with the production equipment, sold the name exclusively to some unknown bottling company, and will never, ever make this candy again. Never. Unless we do.
  • 1985
    Two loyal Pearson’s employees buy the company
    One man’s utopia is another man’s financially unstable candy company. Larry Hassler and Judith Johnston answer the call, giving the brand the attention it so richly deserves by returning the Pearson’s line to the quality that had first made it famous.
  • 1997
    Basketball Player Successful
    Salted Nut Roll rumored to be the secret.
  • 1998
    Pearson’s Acquires Bun Bar from Clark Bar America
    With a similar legacy to the Nut Goodie, why not? The more old-timey candies for new-timey cravings, the better!
  • 2007
    Salted Nut Roll voted most popular regional non-chocolate candy bar by Minneapolis Star Tribune
    You can be hyper-specifically popular too, when you stick with Pearson’s!
  • 2009
    Celebrating 100 years
    Entirely moved by the devotion of those who like things that are great, we celebrate one century of confection by not moving into a new manufacturing plant!
  • 2011
    Pearson’s bought by Brynwood Partners
    Pleasing children of all ages!
  • 2012
    Nut Goodie turns 100
    The new Sea Salt Caramel Nut Goodie makes its debut. And it’s eaten by people—so you know it’s good!
  • 2013
    Pearson’s acquires Bit-O-Honey®
    A favorite since 1924, we once again welcome a classic to the House of Pearson. It’s candy for everyday special times!